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DB77 India

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Inspired by experience
Growth and Strategy Consulting
The development of suppliers and their transformation at different stages of development Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, takeover processes and post-merger integration activities to achieve the expected synergy Comprehensive and strategic reorganization of customer relations...
Operational activity
Optimization of manufacturing processes Purchase and supply chain management (simplification, cost reduction, optimization of location) Comprehensive and strategic reorganization of customer relations – contract renegotiations Redesign of organizational structure and operational model Overhead cost reduction;...
Crisis Management
Implementation of crisis communication throughout the supply chain Preparation of risk maps and contingency plans for crisis situations Supervision of the execution of action plans, progress, and risk reporting in accordance with predetermined arrangements Organization...
Audits and market research
Support with preparation for audits: ISO/TS 16949 and VDA 6.3 Administration of comprehensive audits to check compliance with ISO/TS 16949 and VDA standards; provision of post-audit recommendations reports Preparation and implementation of procedures in line...

Our Target

What distinguishes us is our operational experience, reliability and comprehensive service. Our greatest goal is customer satisfaction and the achievement of measurable results that translate into mutual success.

Our Background

  • We are a team with a unique history, which has grown into one of mid-size Tier 1 automotive suppliers.
  • As a team we have completed full restructuring of the Group on three continents, doubling its turnover and the number of customers. As a result of our work the Group became modern and profitable.
  • Our next success was completing the takeover of a global Tier-1 insolvent manufacturer, which was realized in four countries on three continents simultaneously.
  • Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, we are able to solve problems rapidly and effectively.

Our Why

The core of the team has extensive international experience in the automotive supply chain all over the world.


The main areas of competences and experiences

Project Executed under DB77

The key members of DB77 Team for 7 years has accomplished many projects in the area of acquisition, restructuring of business and development of production companies all over the world, mainly in the automotive industry.

Our key projects contained:

  • Restructuring of unprofitable production companies;
  • Reorganization of acquired insolvency enterprises in Europe and BRIC countries;
  • Restoring relations with Passenger cars and lorries producers (BMW, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche, Daimler, VW);
  • Accomplishment of green and brownfield investments – building and launching production facilities in India, Mexico , including Restructuring of China & Brazil Location
  • Obtained new business as Tier 1 worth 800 million euros in their lifetime.
  • Created a strong team to build a strong automotive brand for our Esteemed Customer and stakeholders , we are proud of that team.

Currently we are focusing on:

  • Development of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for automotive industry including on OEM commission
  • Companies reorganization and transformation processes in the area of hard and soft skills;
  • Activities in the interest of increase production`s efficiency;
  • Cutting total cost of production by launching various cost optimization Programs
  • Companies` reorganization , restructuring and managing full transformation processes;
  • Renegotiations of commercial agreements with customers and suppliers.

Satisfied Customers we worked